Weather Delays at Sterling Farms

Due to the unfortunate event there is a delay on the golf course (whether due to frost, lightning or anything that may prevent play or stop play), policy on beginning or resuming play is as follows:

  • Sterling Farms will not push back tee times more than a half hour.
  • For example, in the event of a frost delay: if the course opens at 9am, we will begin with the 8:30am tee time.  Any tee time before 8:30am is frosted out.  We can not push every tee time back for the rest of the day to accommodate the earlier booked tee times.
  • In the event of lightnight storm in the afternoon:  if the course closes at 2pm, and re-opens at 4pm, we will begin with the 3:30pm tee time.  Anyone who was out on the golf course can resume their spot at their hole when they left if they chose to wait out the delay.  However, tee times will not be pushed back for the rest of the day again.
  • Weather is unpredictable, but do your best to keep forecasts in mind when booking a tee time.  We understand and wish we could fit everyone onto the golf course.